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This course helped me get my TPM job. This is a very powerful course with videos and templates. I used this course to create my resume and the sample introduction email to get introduced to the hiring manager for a Technical Program Manager role. It was worth the investment. Thank you! - Kambiz Ghafourpour, TPM @ Oracle

This toolkit is a game changer. I was struggling with getting recruiter attention on my resume. After reviewing the videos and leveraging the keywords and templates, I was able to rework my resume. I now have 3 recruiter conversations lined up. I would highly recommend. - Sales Leader @ SaaS company

I enrolled into this course after hearing about it from Women in Product group. The course helped me revamp my resume to show impact. I used the sample template for warm intro and referral to the hiring manager. I just accepted the offer for the job and have now hired Rashim as my coach to excel in my career. Yay! - Director @ Technology company